Escambia Dental Cooperative


Escambia County Resident, <200% poverty level, referral from Escambia Community Clinic, St. Joseph’s Medical and Dental Clinic, Health and Hope Clinic, no Medicaid.  A  limited number of patients from Santa Rosa County are also seen at the clinic, and all Santa Rosa patients are referred through the Santa Rosa Community Clinic.

The Escambia Dental Cooperative (EDC) is a collaborative community partnership of West Florida Area Health Education Center (AHEC), Pensacola State College and Sacred Heart Health System. The EDC is located in the Pensacola State College  Warrington former Dental Assisting Clinic.

Since February, 2006, this dental initiative has served adult clients, ages 19-64, from diverse populations in Escambia County, who require urgent dental care. The program’s focus is the provision of basic emergency dental services for patients under 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, who are without medical insurance, and who are not eligible for any other government assistance. This project is an outcome of the efforts of several community organizations in an endeavor to stem the tide of uninsured adults using local emergency departments and community primary care clinics for treatment of oral health problems. The goal of this program is to provide timely intervention and oral health delivery to the stated population in order to reduce impact on local emergency departments, community and faith-based clinics, and elevate the oral health care of Escambia County’s citizens. The Escambia Dental Cooperative provides dental care to eligible clients, once they are screened and referred for treatment.

No appointments are made directly with the EDC. . Best options for patients seeking referral to the clinic would be through Escambia Community Clinic, 2200 North Palafox St., or St. Joseph’s Medical Clinic at 131 West Intendencia Street. Patients should not be directed to utilize Emergency Room Services at any area hospital to gain referral to the EDC.

Procedures performed at the clinic include dental extractions, treatment of dental infections, minor oral surgery, oral evaluations and x-rays. NO RESTORATIONS(FILLINGS) ARE PERFORMED AND NO PRESCRIPTIONS FOR PAIN ARE GIVEN.